Sense Sostre film poster

Sense Sostre

Film poster and credits design

Poster and credits design for Sense Sostre, a film about homelessness, made in Barcelona, Spain.

The main concept is the invisibility of homeless people, that’s why the photo of the protagonist is placed outside of the frame and put in the background.


Chocolate packaging

Chocolate packaging

Personal project

Minimalist chocolate packaging that switches its outside with its inside, exposing the product’s colour and texture.


Hargate packaging

Hargate long rage bullets

Packaging - personal project

Packaging for long rage bullets that consists of 2 layers and when the first one is removed, one can discover the designer’s view on the product.

Xmas 2023 mockup

Christmas postcards

Christmas postcards


How do different animals celebrate Christmas? These minimalist Christmas postcards tell us that cats like to go skiing in order to burn some calories after the Christmas and that racoons prefer to celebrate Chrismtas together with hedgehogs and mice and they love exchanging gifts.